May 23, 2024


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The Truth About True Treadmills

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Boy, did I learn a valuable lesson! For about a year now I have been praising the quality and feel of True treadmills. To even a seasoned fitness equipment user a true treadmill feels fantastic with a smooth and quiet workout they provide one of the best treadmill experiences around. They have even received a number of positive reviews customers and authorities in the fitness industry.

The problem I just found out recently was that the True brand doesn’t use the best treadmill components so although initially the equipment might perform exceptionally well over time these parts can break down. The last thing you want is to have to fork $$$ for large repair bills after the warranty on the machines run out (1 year warranty for True treadmills).

You see…a lot of the customer reviews come from people who have had their treadmill for say 3 to 6 months and are happy with performance. You don’t often see a treadmill review where the testimonial states they have been using it for 3-5 years. In the case of True treadmills this might well be the case.

This brings me back to my valuable lesson. You should not purchase (or recommend) any treadmill without proper research. Although True treadmills look, feel and perform well initially in the long run you might have problems with costly repairs.

In the $2,000 and over price range, true treadmills are not cheap. I personally feel you are better spending you money on a more durable machine that is less likely to result in costly repairs.


The treadmills look and feel fantastic. As I mentioned they are one of the best machines for comfort and performance.


At over $2,000 these I feel these machines are over priced. One of the main concerns for any home gym treadmill is durability and reliability. At this price I believe there are better options out there.


I wouldn’t recommend True treadmills. The price and possibility of costly repairs down the track put me off these machines. If you don’t mind the price you are better off with a Precor or if you’re on a tighter budget a Smooth treadmill.

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