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The Best Purple Belt Training Supplement

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Many Brazilian Jiujitsu Belt Belt level students have wondered about intermediate and advanced level training DVDs that can help them improve their game.

Now although there are several DVD sets that move past the basics and are excellent supplements to help add more advanced concepts and ideas to a blue belt’s game, I would like to suggest Marcello Monteiro’s The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue to Purple Curriculum DVD series as the first DVD set to help you in moving past the blue belt level.

This set of four DVDs takes you into a VERY complete overview of the techniques and concepts necessary to move beyond the basics once you have a solid grasp of them.

I would say it is THE most complete overview of the Blue to Purple level techniques available today.

Like it’s predecessor, this series breaks down all the techniques by top, bottom, submissions, escapes and takedowns, and each DVD progresses into more complex techniques.

Just some of what is covered includes, control positions from the bottom, transitions, sweeps and reversals, counters and set ups.

The De La Riva guard is looked at in great detail as well as many concepts and strategies from the open and half guard to the spider, butterfly and X-guard.

The triple attack from the mount and side control, as well as the advanced counters and set ups are sure to make your game more dangerous.

Mr. Monteiro’s attention to detail on the series stands out, making this a great series for going over precise details to solidify your competency with the moves.

The DVDs are also easy to navigate through and find specific moves for viewing over and over again as well as helping you focus on the specific move you are viewing.

Here’s a little background information on Mr. Monteiro.

Three of his most influential Brazilian Jiu jitsu instructors were, Sergio Souza who Marcello credits for helping his game in the butterfly guard. One of Mr. Souza’s best known positions.

Another famous instrucot of his is Mr. Ricardo De La Riva who is best known for his “De La Riva Guard” and Mr. Ricardo Juca, best known in Brazil for his strategies on back and mount attacks. Mr. Juca is also the author of the first Brazilian jiu jitsu book in Brazil.

Marcello was an assistant instructor at Mr.De La Riva’s academyand helped give lessons there for years, until he achieved his Black Belt.

In 1998 Marcello opened his first acedemy in Nova Friburgo, Rio De Janeiro where he has trained his students and developed them into Champions.

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