May 22, 2024


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ProForm I-Series 785 E Treadmill Review

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A few years ago, I probably wouldn’t have even considered purchasing a budget treadmill for myself. Back then, I was an avid runner. I wouldn’t trust an economy treadmill to be used constantly for running. I’ve known a few runners who bought cheaper models, and the treadmills simply could not hold up to that kind of pounding for long.

After sustaining an ankle injury last year, I pretty much gave up running. I also decided that, since I wasn’t running anymore, I could get by with a lower end model treadmill. I had wanted my own treadmill for quite awhile, but when I needed a more durable machine for running, I couldn’t afford to buy one. A cheaper treadmill was more within my budget, so after my ankle healed, I began shopping for one.

Eventually, I came across an Icon treadmill that caught my eye…the ProForm i-Series 785 E model. One feature that really appealed to me about this treadmill was its 16 built-in programs. Most other treadmills don’t have that many built-in programs! These programs allow for a variety of workouts, and they keep me from getting bored. Each program also automatically adjusts the speed and incline according to the workout chosen and the level of intensity.

Another good feature on this treadmill is the EasyDrop Shock. This is especially good if you have small children in your home. When the treadmill is folded for storage, the drop shock lowers the deck very slowly. This decreases the likelihood of injuries to children and/or damage to your home.

If you hate getting too hot during a workout, this particular treadmill comes with a fan that is built into the console. It feels so good when that cool air hits your chest! Workouts are just more comfortable and more enjoyable if you don’t get over-heated. Oh, yeah! I should also mention that you can adjust the cushioning on this treadmill to suit your own comfort zone.

For those of you who want more challenging workouts or more variety in your routines, you can buy iFit workout cards that have been designed by professional trainers. Each card provides an 8-week workout program, complete with audio coaching and automatic speed and incline control. I purchased the Jillian Michaels power walking cards for around $30. I’ll probably get some more cards in the near future, because these workout programs seem to get me more motivated to hop on my treadmill.

I often enjoy working out while listening to music through the sound system that is on my 785 E. Sure makes the time go by fast! Honestly, for a treadmill that cost me under $1000, it really has been a good buy so far!

Because the ProForm i-Series 785 E treadmill is one of the less expensive models, I recommend buying the extended warranty. After all, it isn’t quite as durable as more expensive models, so it’s a little more likely to break down sooner. The extended warranty will protect your investment, should you experience any problems with the machine.

In all honesty, I would recommend this treadmill only to walkers who weigh less than 230 lbs. The weight limit shown is higher than 230 lbs., but most treadmills in this category simply cannot hold up long under too much weight. If you’re a runner or weigh over 230 pounds, you’d realistically be better off in the long run investing in a more expensive, stronger, more durable treadmill. For walkers weighing up to 230 pounds, however, the ProForm i-Series 785 E seems to be ideal.

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