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Wonderful Women – How To Choose The Right Woman To Have A Wildly Sexual Relationship With

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In this article you are going to discover how to choose the right kind of woman to have a wildly sexual relationship with.

You must understand that not all women are the same and if you choose a woman without using your brain and a little common-sense – you are setting yourself up for disaster before you have begun.

IMPORTANT: No matter how good your sexual skills are in the bedroom, if you choose the wrong sort of woman to have a sexual relationship with – you will end up having a problematic relationship, complete with sex that is not very good.

Bear that in mind as you read on…

5 Traits to Look For In A Woman That You Want To Have A Wildly Sexual Relationship With

1. Intelligence

This may not sound like the “sexiest” of traits to look for but it is essential for great sex.

You may fancy the girl with a great body and little more than hot air between her ears – but I can assure you that she is not the best kind of woman to start a sexual relationship with. Not if you want red-hot, SCREAM THE HOUSE DOWN sex anyway.

So intelligence is a must.

Look for a woman who can hold a conversation and talk about a wide variety of subjects. Ask her about her education as well. Obviously a degree indicates intelligence, but it is far from essential.

Whatever you do, just don’t pick the stupid girl. Seriously, don’t do it if you want to have INCREDIBLE SEX.

2. Strong Relationship With Her Parents

Women who have a strong relationship with their parents, particularly their father (aka “Daddy’s Girls”) – tend to make great sexual partners.

On the contrary, women who had bad upbringings and conflicts with their parents often have issues and make less than perfect lovers.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but if you can – shoot for a Daddy’s Girl.

3. Creativity And Imagination

If you want to have REALLY NAUGHTY, DIRTY SEX with your woman – where you give her many ORGASMS and she lets you take her “up the ass” and loves to give you BLOW JOBS, creativity and imagination are a must.

You can tell how much of these two traits a woman has in a number of ways.

Finding out what she does for work and as hobbies is a great way to see how creative and imaginative a woman is. As an example, if you met an artist who liked to dance and sing in her spare time – that’d be awesome.

On the other hand, if you met an accountant who spent her spare time playing chess – less so.

Get it?

4. The Ability To Let Go

Sex is all about letting go and expressing yourself in the bedroom.

If a woman cannot let go and express herself outside of the bedroom – it is highly unlikely that she will do so INSIDE THE BEDROOM.

Look for women who talk with passion and seem eager to try new and exciting things.

On the contrary, avoid “stay at homes” that do the same thing, at the same time, every day, because they are unlikely to make exciting sexual partners.

5. Look For A Woman Who Is Willing To Follow Your Lead

Inside the bedroom you want to take control and lead your woman through each and every SEXUAL ADVENTURE that you have with her. And a good woman will want you to do this and will follow your lead.

If you go on a date with a woman and she is easy-going and open-minded to your suggestions, this is a good sign. For instance, if you meet for coffee and then you suggest dinner and a romantic walk afterwards and she happily agrees – that is good.

However, if she disapproves of everything you suggest and seems to want everything her own way – she is unlikely to be any different in the bedroom and you would be wise to avoid her if you want to have great sex and happy and fulfilling relationship.

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