May 22, 2024


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Winsor Pilates for Weight Loss?

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If you’re anything like me you get tired of the body builder mentality… Over work every muscle get big and diesel. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working out as much as the next fitness guy but I also like low impact workouts. I found the perfect low impact exercise routine that’s been around for almost a century. It’s called Windsor Pilates, you see you know you’ve heard of it. I’m sure you’ve spent one or two late nights watching infomercials and happened to catch a Windsor Pilates advertisement. Windsor Pilates is actually not a new fad to take your money or a new form of aerobic exercise to take the world by storm. In fact Windsor Pilates has been around since the 1920’s.

The Pilates exercise method stems from research and practice from the German born Joseph Pilates. The concept is rather than overworking certain muscles whilst listening to over powering loud music – Pilates is a low impact approach. It’s become exponentially popular worldwide mainly due to the many celebrities claiming great success.

The Pilates Program
The Windsor Pilates program is designed to tone and sculpt your entire body and help you lose weight all at the same time. The program alone has sold over 4 million copies since Mari Windsor took over and put the program on videotape. That’s an amazing amount of sales… The program is a combination of many essential elements; such as controlled movement that help to shape long, lean muscles. Obviously the ideal way to have the most success with this program would be to go to a Pilates studio, but if this isn’t possible or out of the question, you can try it at home in your living room with a home based program. Below is a list of what you will receive if you order the program.

o A set of 3 videos (the basics, body sculpting, and a workout video) – also available on DVD.

o A meal plan

o Portable exercise guide

o Daily journal

Pilates Method

Pilates exercises are performed on a mat and focus on correct posture and breathing. Through concentration you will begin to gain better alignment and body stance. The premise is you are training your body to feel taller and leaner. Pilates differs greatly from your conventional muscle techniques where increasing muscle mass means more muscle toning. Pilates rather, strengthens and stretches muscles to bring you a longer sleeker body. Also, Pilates aims for low amounts of reps with high intensity instead of lots of repetitions as is the norm. Certain muscles such as the abdomen and buttocks will be worked intensively while other muscles such as arms and legs are stretched.

If you have suffered from an injury then Pilates should be of particular interest; although Pilates are meant for everyone. Its low impact method is quite different from other aerobic exercises allowing someone who has been injured to strengthen the injured area without damaging it further. I highly recommend Windsor Pilates for those who are looking to lose weight tighten and stretch certain muscles, while strengthening muscles without becoming bulky.

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