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Where To Go For Medical Treatments in Warsaw, Poland

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Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland, a prominent country in Central Europe. The city is often called the ‘phoenix city’ as it recovered from severe damage during World War II just as the legendary phoenix reemerges from the ashes. This sparkling city has many historical buildings, museums, theaters, monuments and parks which attract large number of tourists. Warsaw houses many of the leading health care facilities in Poland and some of these major hospitals offer medical services in line with global standards. They provide excellent service through their eminent doctors and with assistance from English speaking staff.

The Medicover Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the country and is found at al. Rzeczypospolitej 5, 02-972 in Warsaw. The Medicover Hospital has an area of 16 000 square meters and has utilized an investment of 40 million Euros to design the hospital according to the latest architectural standards. This 270 bed hospital has five operating rooms and well equipped diagnostic, consulting and rehabilitation centers. The hospital offers medical care in all medical specialties. The surgery clinic performs operations in general surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, thoracic surgery and many other types of surgery. The hospital is certified as a ‘painless hospital’ is a major center of minimally invasive surgeries being equipped with modern endoscopic surgical systems. The modern anesthesiology and intensive care units have postoperative care units, intensive care units and preoperative sections. The hospital also has laboratories and an onsite Medicopharma Pharmacy. Comfortable accommodations and client facilities are also available in the hospital. Tel: +48 22 857 20 00

The address for the Infant Jesus Hospital (Szpital Kliniczny Dziecitka Jezus Centrum) is Warsaw 02-005, ul. Lindley 4. This multidisciplinary hospital was established by the Congregation of St. Vincent de Paul missionaries. This ISO 9001-2000 health care facility has full fledged departments in all branches of medicine and its orthopedic clinic is the largest in Poland. Its trauma treatment center has also achieved wide recognition. The surgery division of Infant Jesus Hospital offers service in both general and specialized surgery. The anesthesiology department, intensive care units and the emergency medicine division are well equipped with latest devices. The modern dental clinic includes conservative dentistry, pediatric dentistry and dental radiology sections. Good service pharmaceutical and central laboratory services are also available. Tel: 022 502-20-00

Damian Medical Centre located at Walbrzyska 46 in Warsaw is another modern hospital that offers quality health care service at international standards. The Damian Medical Center- the first private hospital in Warsaw- was founded in 1994 by Damian Poszczyski. The hospital has received many awards including the European Medal by the European Integration Committee, and the “Hospital without Pain” certificate by the Polish Society for the Study of Pain. The hospital offers diagnostic and clinical services in all major medical specialties and has three operation theatres and two outpatient clinics. DMC is estimated to perform over 3,000 operations, 8,000 outpatient procedures and about 200,000 consultations every year. This hospital is well known for its technological edge as it possesses all the latest equipment including echocardiography, RTG and stress test. It also has mammography, X-rays, CTG, arthroscopy and hysteroscopy procedures. DMC is marked as a major center for medical tourism. T: (+48 22) 566 2222

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