July 21, 2024


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What Do SHY Women Fantasize About? 3 Sex Fantasies Common for Quiet Women

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Do shy women fantasize about sex? If so… HOW so? How do reserved, quiet or aloof women express themselves behind the scenes, when the bedroom doors are closed? Does a woman’s personality reflect what she’s going to be like in bed? For example… does a very outgoing, assertive and aggressive personality translate into a woman who is more likely to be the same way between the sheets?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the vast majority of men who are unsure what a woman’s personality really has to do with her sexual temperament, the good news is, you are NOT alone! Many women struggle to compartmentalize the different areas of our passionate personalities and what is true in one area of life may NOT reflect all that much about another.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 3 very common sexual fantasies that many quiet, shy or even bookish women admit to when asked!

1 – Sexual Power Fantasies

Many quiet women or more reserved women in day to day life admit to having powerful “domination” or control fantasies where THEY are in charge. This shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise of course, as what is missing in one area of their lives… may be made up for when the lights go dark and they can reclaim a sense of control over the people around them. (especially if that shyness translates into feeling disempowered in real life!)

2 – MORE sexual submissiveness!

Believe it or not, many shy women also fantasize about being dominated in bed as well! So someone who feels quiet and reserved and “put upon” by the world in “real” life, ALSO gets turned on by having those roles perpetuated in bed! Simply stated, many women are comfortable being quiet… and actually find playing a very shy and submissive role to be a HUGE turn on as well!

3 – Spicy Conversation/Communication Overdose

Another interesting sex fantasy that many women share, both shy and outgoing women alike, is A LOT of conversation during sex. But where it’s expected of women who like to talk in real life, often times a very shy, unassuming or even introverted woman will become HYPER talkative in bed, often using words that would make the average sailor blush:-)

And of course there are many more fetishes and fantasies as well. What have YOU experienced? Do you find shy women to be more of a turn on… and why? Do you find a shy girl who becomes WILD in bed to be a bigger turn on than average? The truth is, sex is such a complicated, creative and FUN subject to study, and fantasies… especially for women, are my favorite topic to explore!

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