May 24, 2024


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Used Gym Equipment Repair Tips From an Insider

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In today’s tough economy we are always looking for ways to save a buck or two. Repairing your own used gym equipment can be a start, especially if you follow a few of these repair tips from industry insiders.

Many folks don’t realize that simply maintaining your fitness equipment can be as easy as five minutes once a month. For example a treadmill belt can be easily maintained by applying a squirt or two of dry wax under the the treadmill belt once a monthl.

Doing this keeps the belts in tip top shape and reduces the friction created from running on the belt every day. ANother strategy can be as simple as shutting the fitness machines off after you are done using them. A number of folks instead of shutting the fitness equipment machines off they unplug them from the outlets. Now unplugging the gym equipment from the wall outlet is fine to save money but you want to actually hit the off button because the currents inside the machine can still be running and may causes your fuses to go bad prematurely.

These used exercise equipment repair technicians have seen in a number of situations following just a few of these simple repair tips can save you from an expensive repair service call. If you do need to contact a used gym equipment repair technician make sure they have been in business for a little and that they have a customer service team.

Often times they can help you right over the phone without having to come out to your facility which can cost over $50 or more per visit. By following a few of these used gym equipment repair tips you should save yourself some time, money and the aggravation of not having your fitness equipment working.

For more tips and strategies as well as repair videos visit my website.

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