July 21, 2024


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Used Commercial Exercise Equipment Repair Service Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know

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In today’s difficult economy more and more people are trying to extend the life of their fitness equipment.

Here are some simple secrets of used commercial exercise equipment repair technicians that will save you time and money.

The first has tip has to do with keeping a maintenance journal, if you own a professional health club or rehabilitation center and you are responsible for a number of different fitness machines.

Investing 50 cents into a notebook to keep accurate tabs of the maintenance on your gym equipment will not only save you time in the long run but might get a you a few extra dollars if you ever go to sell the exercise machines.

Think about that for a second, if you have a health club who has accurate maintenance records and another health club who doesn’t, which health club equipment do you think might get more money?

So invest in a maintenance journal, you’ll thank me later. The next useful used commercial exercise equipment repair service secret is to wax your treadmills monthly.

What, you say you don’t know how to wax your treadmill? This is a simple two minute procedure that you can do on the first of every month that will add years to your commercial treadmills life.

Simply get some inexpensive dry wax, if you don’t have any I have a link below to get some or do a quick search for “dry wax”, squirt a little under the belt by lifting the belt up near the back and applying about a half a second squirt under each side. Meaning both the left and the right side of the treadmill.

Remember not to over apply the dry wax because that isn’t beneficial and can actually hurt more than help. This is another reason to use a equipment maintenance journal.

Last but not least is to make sure that you turn the fitness equipment off, you’d be surprised how many people just pull the plug from the outlet.

By just pulling the plug from the outlet without shutting the exercise equipment off may cause a fuse to blow and a simple one dollar fuse may end up costing you in a service call.

Following a few of these used commercial fitness equipment repair service tips will save yourself from an expensive service call plus extend the life of your equipment.

For actual videos of how to apply the dry wax to the treadmill and more helpful tips visit the website below.

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