April 15, 2024


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This Is It! My Tryst With Amazing “Dumb Bells” Curious Anna

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This time it’s serious! After months of being regular to the gym and spending those sweaty hours near dumbbells, I was all set to take my fitness to the next level! Fitness is no stranger to me but being the curious person that I am, I always want to try something new. So, after getting all pumped and motivated with those fitness Vlogs you see on YouTube and admiring “Guruji” A.K.A Muscle Uncle in the gym, I thought I should have a body like him (come on I was 22 then). Just during all the admiration, Right behind sticking to the muscle uncle supporting him during squats was my knight in shining armor, who could help me get that “BOD”, The next Salman Khan. My to be “Personal Trainer” (P.T), Mr. J.K.

Well… I wished my story was as simple as this but this is the world of Curious Anna, Where NOTHING is normal. J.K. turned out to be the worst trainer in the history of worst trainers where worse cannot be more worse! TONGUE TWISTER!!! Ha… and here’s why:

I created a black hole in my pocket by paying my P.T a day before, after watching Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky motivational movie series (Still a BIG fan). I arrived at the gym ready to workout GRRRR! J.K started with my fitness assessment. I could not come to the gym for around a month or so because of family commitments, but surprisingly my body fat had dropped half-percent since my last check. I felt pretty confident about myself thinking that my trainer is going to be in all praises for me. And then we started talking…

He asked me a little about my fitness background:

“Well, I haven’t been to a gym since last month… “

“Last month?” he asked, his brow furrowing.

“Yes, but before that I was regular in the gym and also did yoga for at least five days a week”
J.K wasn’t pleased, but he moved on.

“Why aren’t you in the best shape of your life?” he asked.

I cleared my throat, contemplating my answer.

I am in the best shape of my life. I’m not the thinnest I’ve ever been, but I’m definitely the strongest. I bench around 30 kg and my stamina has also improved remarkably. My shoulders and arms are getting stronger and more defined, and I just feel good.

J.K’s expression looked confused as if I was talking Latin to him (No offence to Latin language)

“What’s keeping you from reaching your fullest potential? What are your weakness?”

“I love to eat sweets, but I limit myself, because I know how much diet is important if you want to get any results,” I said. “I like good food. I eat right, but I eat.” and before I could continue…

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