May 23, 2024


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The Lifestyle Fitness Program by Debi Silber

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Tired, listless, need to lose a few pounds and gain a new prospective? Then the book The Lifestyle Fitness Program: A Six Part Plan So Every Mom Can Look, Feel and Live Her Best by Debi Silber may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Known as “The Mojo Coach”, Silber has divided her book into a six part plan so “every mom can look, feel and live her best”. It’s basically a how-to book on rejuvenating your over-packed life into something that is healthier and more fun.

Silber’s credentials are impressive: a registered dietitian, certified personal trainer, whole health coach, writer, speaker, lifestyle expert specializes in moms-of which she is one. This mojo coach has her own brood of 4 human kids and 4 furry ones. She’s been working with unfit, overweight and overwhelmed moms for nearly 20 years.

It was with great interest that I, a mom of two adults, wife, grandma, holder of a full-time day job, countless part-time free-lance writing jobs and animal lover, picked this manuscript up. I am very organized, a self-professed health nut and foodie-but I am TIRED. So I wanted to see if there were some ways for me to turn my exhaustion around.

What did I like about what I read? For one I loved the idea of breaking the sections down into manageable subjects. Next, each subject was broken down further into even smaller compartments with questions to ponder and exercises to work on for the week.

I loved that Silber gave and encouraged us to decide what our goals and needs were-not telling us to do what worked for her. After all, everyone has different agendas and areas that we wish and think we should work on. We aren’t made out of molds, so I was very happy that this author made it clear that her way of seeing us change was that she wanted to make sure that these changes were good for us.

The support website with forums and free tele-seminars are something different and useful. Especially if you determine and feel the need to “talk” to others.

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