May 24, 2024


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The Importance of Sex Education to the Girl Child in the Family

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Sex education could be defined as the exposure of teenagers to a planned and purposefully sex orientation in order to avert the dangers in premarital sex and make them to avoid being a victim of sexual abuse.

Sex education is a very important aspect of growing up. There is a pressure on children and teenagers to know. Life naturally mounts pressure on them to learn. They are naturally inquisitive. They want to learn anything within their environment. Since these categories of people are curious and want to learn anything, it is therefore paramount to teach them. Whether they are thought at home or not they will learn. So it is very important to teach them at home instead of them to learn from their peer group.

The right age to start teaching your children sex education is between ten and twelve years. In this age or period, there will be physical or Biological changes in them which will naturally trigger out the consciousness to find out the causes, reasons, and needs for the Biological changes.

It is therefore a good idea to teach them at home so that they will not learn from their friends. Even if they will learn from their friends, they should first of all learn it at home so that they will know when they are being mislead.

Sex education is more important to girls than their male folks. Every girl should be able to know many if not all of the disadvantages of sex to a growing up girl, at the age of twelve. The biological changes or physical changes that take place in the girl child at this particular period are stimulants to sex. They will be attracted to boys or men.

Boys or men, who are interested to see everything in skirt, except the God fearing ones will want to use every trick possible to take girls to bed. Girls are thrilled by words of admiration from boy and men. Girls are delighted to hear I love you from the opposite sex. So, if sex education is not given to them by their parents, they will be victims of sexual abuse.

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