July 21, 2024


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Is Home Health Care Right For You?

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With the financial situation in the US the way it is presently and the need to fix foreign affairs, health care takes a backseat. The mortgage lending situation undoubtedly, needs careful attention but what happens to health care. The situation in home health care is still shaky to say the least. Family caregivers already have to deal with plenty in terms of estate planning, navigating the Medicare and Medicaid maze, as well hold jobs in the case of many squeeze generation women.

The truth is, America as a nation is aging. The first of the baby boomer generation is turning 65 in the year 2013. With the aging of America, we need to expand the amount of home health care solutions available to seniors. This means more cash and counsel programs, expanded assisted living arrangements, more community living programs, and adult day care. Home health agencies are not for everyone. True, it is a much more financially viable solution than nursing homes, which can cost up to 70 thousand dollars a year.

Everyone wants to retire and age in the comfort of their own home. Not many people want to age in nursing homes. The problem with home health agencies is the limited scope of responsibilities each assistant is allowed to attend to. Many home health care agencies have strict criteria that exclude things like bowel care and help with trach tubes, both things that are essential in family with MS or other brain-impairing diseases. The alternatives are hiring independently, hiring family, or neighbors if the situation allows it. When you consider home health care, the main considerations are financial and quality of care. Do you receive financial aid either by Medicaid or some other outside funding? Do you need professional nursing home type care? What is the extent of disability?

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