May 22, 2024


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Insanity Fast and Furious and P90X Extreme Workout Program Working Together

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Insanity Fast and Furious is another excellent Beachbody┬« fitness program. The basics of this program consists on providing a very fast paced workout for those who doesn’t dispose enough time to dedicate to a regular fitness program (Usually 45m to 1h). During 22 minutes, Shaun T shows all his talent. Performing an intense, but very productive and effective workout routine. It’s a cardio based program, where you’re going to work on your entire body. Shaun T is incredibly energetic and enthusiastic. It’s impressive how he can conduct the classes with so much dexterity. He encourages you to always be pushing your limits and never give up.

The program consists on a very focused 2 minutes warming-up followed by the workout routines itself. You are going to have a break, in about 8:30m after the program started. First, you’re going to drink some water, after, you will work on breathing and stretching (you’ll need it, believe me). At the end of the second and last workout blasting, once again, a breaking session like that will happen.

Insanity Fast and Furious is not like the regular Insanity workout program. On the original and complete version, Shawn T. works with an exercise routine requesting your dedication for 6 days per week, consuming around 45 to 1h of your daytime depending on the phase you are. This is a great workout program, ranked as best seller on sites like amazon for months. It’s an excellent option for those who want to have a toned body, using cardio exercises. No equipment is necessary, but a towel. A good pair of shoes, I would say is fundamental. The results of the Insanity regular program is extremely FAST if done correctly. The expectation is getting your final results on the incredible short period of 2 months.

As a big P90X fan, I adopted both programs to my daily workout routine. So, P90X added to Insanity Fast and Furious( not the official one) becomes an extraordinary combination. The P90X routine that I like most is Back & Biceps; Chest, Shoulders and triceps; and Kempo. On what Insanity Fast and Furious fits my goals on helping me to control my weight and body toning. P90X helps me on building muscles and developing body structure. Working with both programs made my workout routines much more interesting, less repetitive and much more effective.

I try to workout 5 times a week using both programs. In my opinion that is the perfect amount for anybody to achieve your fitness goals in around three months. Only if you┬┤re in an emergency situation where you really need to get some fast weight loss or body building, than is different. Following correctly the nutritional plan of any of the programs, you gonna be fine. Both are perfect. During the five days, I apply Insanity Fast and Furious and diversify P90X workout routines. So, during this period, I strictly follow rules, and the other 2 days of the week, I feel free to enjoy with my friends and do whatever I want.

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