May 22, 2024


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How to Buy Fitness Equipment

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Every year we have the same idea, to start getting fit around the first of the year. Well this year I am knowing how to buy fitness equipment because I keep getting the short end of the stick. Let me explain, I keep getting sucked into those late night infomercials promoting the newest piece of home gym equipment.

Little did I know that those pieces of gym equipment weren’t worth their salt because they weren’t built for heavy usage. There is a little known industry secret that the home gym equipment companies hope you never find out and that is the home gyms are cheaply built. This is why commercial fitness equipment is much more expensive because they needed to meet the demands of heavy use from professional health clubs. You see most people buy those home gyms from the infomercials and actually never even open up the exercise machine. Knowing that most of the people that order their fitness machines probably won’t use them or at most use once or twice they are built to last.

They do this to keep the costs of production down, so they can sell you that treadmill or elliptical dirt cheap. On the other hand the commercial fitness equipment market demands a fitness machine that can run twenty-four hours a day every day of the year without breaking down. Which is why if you are going to actually use your exercise machine that you should really look at getting commercial fitness equipment rather than some infomercial treadmill. A suggestion to save money on commercial fitness equipment is to look for used commercial gym equipment because you can save as much as 70 to 80{dc95c22c9cec96e4b887cb128e750bad45acd6bf2ff75ab29d9ade61e84bfb51} or more off of new prices.

I have put together a website filled with good information on getting quality fitness equipment both new and used. This will save you money and time which you can then use to get your workout in, so no more excuses on not getting to the gym.

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