May 22, 2024


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Healthy Chocolate, A Sweet Choice

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Hey all you chocoholics out there. What could be “sweeter” to hear than chocolate has great health benefits. Now that is what I call a “sweet” life style choice for any diet or maybe a dream come true. The cocoa bean actually grows on a tree and can be considered a dark fruit. Most fruits and vegetables contain flavanoids just as chocolate does. These antioxidants may prevent cell damage, reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases related to age. Other essential elements found in chocolate are minerals like copper, calcium and magnesium. Some claim it may even lower your blood pressure.

Don’t get too excited yet. It doesn’t mean you can eat all of the chocolate you want. The key here is moderation and do I mean moderation. The recommended amount is a measly 1.6 oz. or about 30 calories worth a day. That is just one mini bite size piece. And not only that, but to be healthy it must be dark chocolate. Believe me that is a minuscule piece compared to a regular full size candy bar at 200 plus calories. If you love chocolate and can’t live without it and still want to stay healthy and maintain your weight, then maybe 1 small sweet piece is a great choice for you.

Have you ever asked yourself why this tastes so delicious? Chocolate stimulates the secretion of endorphines, which produces the most pleasurable and pleasant feeling. A “chocolate high”!

Considering all of the benefits, why not treat yourself once a day to a sweet healthy choice of chocolate? Drop it in your coffee, or warm milk, or just savor the taste for a moment as it melts on your tongue. Mmmmm! Dark chocolate should be intense, filling your mouth with a flavor that can be earthy or even fruity. Chocolate tasters often use language that wine tasters use. Just like wine the area where the cocoa beans are grown make a difference to the robust flavors of chocolate.

If you are one of the 40{dc95c22c9cec96e4b887cb128e750bad45acd6bf2ff75ab29d9ade61e84bfb51} of women or 15{dc95c22c9cec96e4b887cb128e750bad45acd6bf2ff75ab29d9ade61e84bfb51} of men who report chocolate cravings make sure to choose dark chocolate the healthy choice. Eat it daily in moderate portions and nibble to your heart’s content. A sweet choice any day of the year!

Do you have a favorite chocolate choice? A favorite brand or candy shop? We’d love to hear from you.

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