May 22, 2024


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Colloidal Silver Supplement Benefits Your Health

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Have you heard of colloids and the possible benefits of their use? Chances are, you find the terms familiar but are unsure of how colloids work or the history of their use. Colloidal Silver supplements have a long history of use.

What exactly are colloids?

Colloids are basically tiny particles suspended in a liquid. When you are talking about colloidal silver , or colloidal gold, you are referring to minute particles that have been broken down and are suspended in water. These suspensions can then be ingested by humans.

While it’s hard to trace exactly how long colloidal minerals have been used, we know that they were used in the 19th century to treat a variety of illnesses and disease. Colloidal silver was thought to cure diseases that we now know are caused by germs. So in essence, colloidal silver is much like an antibiotic – it’s thought to provide the same process by inhibiting the growth of virus, bacteria, and fungus.

Of course, we all know how reverently the Egyptians and Chinese cultures viewed gold. Part of the beliefs at the time was that gold was a powerful therapeutic treatment. The Egyptians believed that treatment with gold could help with joint or bone damage. The ancient Romans bathed in water laced with gold to treat skin conditions.

How Colloidal Silver Treatment Works

Nanoparticles are those extremely small particles that pass through membranes. This means you can ingest colloidal silver, or you can apply it to your skin. . When the colloid encounters bacteria or fungi, the particles disable the enzyme that allows these cells to metabolize oxygen. This keeps the illness or disease from growing and spreading.

This is not a recommendation to use colloidal minerals in place of traditional medicine; the human body is complex machinery and while colloidal mineral treatment is effective, it’s won’t stop all disease or illness.

Can you Buy Colloidal Silver?
During the 1980s, the FDA discouraged the use of colloidal silver health treatments. In recent years, the FDA has begun to approve the use of medicinal silver. If you are hoping to buy colloidal silver, you’ll find that it’s much easier to find safe colloidal silver treatment, because the FDA is posing less restriction on this powerful health treatment. Silver and gold colloidal treatments are dietary mineral supplements, and as such, do not fall under FDA approval.

Colloidal silver is thought to vigorously fight up to some 650 disease organisms. You’ll find that dietary mineral supplements including colloidal silver can make a huge difference to your life, and health.

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