July 21, 2024


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Best Protein Supplement to Build Muscle

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There are 2 main categories of protein that stand above the rest, whey and soy.

Whey is said to be the best type of protein when used after a workout.The concept of whey is that it gives you all the nutrients you need after your workout fast, which is within 1 hour after you finish your workout.

Whey protein is often said to have the best anabolic compound to construct lean muscle mass. When buying any type of protein, make sure to get isolate, this is the best protein supplement on the market, it is the most potent formula. ISO Sensation 93 by Ultimate Nutrition is one of the best isolate whey proteins on the market today consisting of 98{dc95c22c9cec96e4b887cb128e750bad45acd6bf2ff75ab29d9ade61e84bfb51} pure protein.

Soy protein is believed to be a protein more familiar with the female body (it is said it is harder to gain muscle). Experts believe that Whey protein and Soy protein are equal in their performance. To each his/her own which ever you think works best for you.

The best quality protein you can buy is in food such as meat, chicken, nuts. These foods are extremely important to consume and are superior to any type of powder, except right after you workout. The best form of protein after a intense workout is powder isolate, whey or soy.

Above all make sure when buying any kind of protein, get the isolate, this is the best protein supplement and will give you the best bang for your buck. Be assured that the type of protein you buy will not give you a 5 star body, doing the work will and the right supplementation for you will help you in attaining your goals.

It is important to note that if you are a cold sore sufferer to stay away from the proteins with plenty of arginine, as this triggers the virus.

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