May 22, 2024


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Anti-Inflammatory Supplement for Both Horses and Small Animals

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Finding a natural anti-inflammatory for small pets is relatively simple as they can be found in many pet stores. Please be aware that the products you use will need to be specific for pets, as the dosage requirements are much less than those intended for human use. Nevertheless, the first step is to correctly identify what is ailing your pet by taking them to see a fully trained veterinarian.

Once the vet diagnoses the problem your pet is suffering, you can then get a list of healthy, all natural anti-inflammatory that are suitable for your specific animal. These products should be able to be used along with their prescribed medication. So, be sure to inform your vet about all of the substances your particular pet may be taking so your vet can make sure there are no dangerous side effect from the combination of medicine and any natural supplements your pet is using.

Arthritis is said to simply spring up from an injury or develop slowly over time. With dogs, a daily amount of exercise along with a good, healthy diet can help keep your pet fit and active, as well as being very beneficial even if arthritis has set in. However, regular exercise for a cat might be more problematic as their very nature may prevent that possibility. Playing with your cat daily, perhaps by getting them to fool around with their favorite toy you might be able to help them to be more active. As for a horse, your simply leading them around in an enclosure several times, might help them best.

Your first task is to keep your pet’s weight to a proper weight for their body so as to not cause unnecessary stress on their joints. A grain free, low carbohydrate diet might help prevent your pet from gaining access weight. Low carbohydrates are said to be the key to keeping your pet’s weight down. Meat oriented products, which are high in protein and low in carbs, are natural foods for dogs and cats. Again, be sure to ask your vet for a suggested diet for your particular pet’s issues.

Apparently, if arthritis is setting in, there are a number of natural supplements you can use to help ease your pet’s pain, in order to help them to maintain their good health. Fish oil and vitamin E supplements claim to help keep the joints more limber, and actually reduce the inflammation and swelling, if they are taken with glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. You will want to consult your vet for the right dosage and combination that is best for your dog, and/or cat.

Finding a proper diet and a natural anti-inflammatory for a horse is a different matter. Horses are generally grain and vegetable eaters. Meats are not part of their normal diet, so you’ll find that different types of herbs from those used in treating small pets will be necessary.

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