May 22, 2024


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All About The York XC530 Elliptical Exercise Bike

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My mate decided to do some keep fit and asked me to do some reviews for him of exercise bikes and a quick surf around the Internet told me that York exercise equipment comes highly recommended and that the York XC530 elliptical cycle is one of the best of their range.

In fact you get more for your money as this machine actually doubles up as a crosstrainer as well as a cycle.

Incidentally it does not need any technical knowledge to switch style of use from one to the other.

Simply sit on the comfortable gel padded seat, which you can adjust to a suitable height and reach for cycling, when you want to use the folding exercise bike function, and then simply lower the seat and use the dual action arms in elliptical mode to provide a good workout for your upper body. It also has adjustable footplates to make the journey that little bit easier.

The most annoying thing about this piece of equipment is the fact that you have to assemble it. It is not, however, more difficult than a piece of flat packed furniture and even those who have complained about it seem to manage to get it up and running well within a couple of hours.

Once assembled you will discover a wealth of features and benefits. Here are some of them but I am sure you will find others:-

  • You will discover that it has a silent magnetic manual resistance system which means that you can change the resistance level by simply moving the position of the magnets. You can get 8 different settings this way. It is also the most cost effective way of owning a piece of equipment like this.
  • There is a smooth motion because of this which will ease the wear and tear of your joints, particularly your hips and knees.
  • You’ll find a hand grip pulse sensor to monitor and make sure that you can train within the tolerance of your heart rate.
  • There is a large easily to read LCD display from which you can find the distance you have travelled, the time it has taken, the speed you have travelled at and how many calories you have used up.
  • It is made of a mixture of wood metal and plastic to ensure that it is durable and will last you a long time.
  • For such a versatile machine it is surprisingly compact and, when in use, measures 49 inches by 25 inches and is 59 inches high. It also weighs in at a very manageable 98 pounds.
  • When you have finished your routine you will find the two wheel system make it easy to move and pack away.
  • There is a 2 year guarantee on both parts and labour.

I hope that this review has been useful for you. When you take the plunge and purchase it I am sure that you will not be disappointed with the quality of your York XC530 Elliptical Cycle in your home gym.

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