May 28, 2024


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Ab Exercises on Parallel Bars – Killer Tips For a Guaranteed Flat Stomach

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The best set of stomach workouts and exercise are sit-ups on parallel bars. If you haven’t realized your dream of six pack abs even after 3-4 months of exercising, it is dead certain that you haven’t used parallel bars to do sit-ups, period. I know you are wondering why this is not written about anywhere online. Simple sit-ups are practiced by anyone who is working out ab exercises either using sit-up bars or plainly lying flat on a floor mat, but I can challenge anyone, which other exercise for abdomen stresses the whole of muscle as the sit-ups on parallel bars do. The plain truth is there is no other ab exercise that comes anywhere near beating the efficiency of sit-ups on parallel bars.  

Why sit-ups on parallel bars are the best for you

Let me help you remove whatever apprehensions you might have about sit-ups on parallel bars. This is the only ab exercise that loads your entire body weight on the abdominal muscle, right from the lower abs through to middle pack that makes the six packs in a few weeks, to its maximum possible extent. Imagine being able to stress a literally adamant muscle everyday to its maximum, set after set and enjoying the pain; there is nothing that feels better than this.  

How to do sit-ups on parallel bars


  • You must be prepared for severe pains in the lower abdomen for the first few days
  • Not advisable for elderly persons
  • Not advisable for those suffering severe arthritis

What you need:

  • Parallel bars, either the ones used by gymnasts or the half length, wall mounted ones.
  • Good pair of shoes with soft tongues
  • Strong resolve to flatten your stomach in 3-4 weeks

1.  If you are new to this, climb up the parallel bars, hang yourself upside down with one bar passing under your knee joints while your feet tucked firmly to the other bar.

2.  It’s unnecessary to hold your feet close to each other. A relaxed gap in between feels better when lifting up your body.

3.  You need to clasp your hands behind your head before beginning to rise up. Let me warn you not to swing up your arms in fully stretched position as some people wrongly do. Swinging both your arms together generates a lot of upward force enough to share a part of the gravitational pull you have to defy. If you don’t work against the sum of this advantageous gravity and your own body weight, you will only be deceiving yourself.

4.  Pull up your upper body with no support or nothing to hold. It is only the abdominal muscle, the one small portion of your body, which is working at this stagnant moment. It feels like it is taking a Herculean effort to reach up.

5.  Reach up to your knees and touch them with your forehead.

6.  You have got to do this just as slowly both ways as you can, feeling the tremendous gravity at work on your muscles through mid way. When flat stomach is your only fad and when you are in a hurry, sit-ups on parallel bars don’t disappoint you unlike other abdominal exercises.

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