May 22, 2024


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A Simple Supplement To Help Back And Joint Pain

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Collagen supplements may benefit you more than you thought possible.
As a chiropractor, back pain is obviously a common reason for people to visit our Rapid City office. Besides an adjustment, back pain is typically treated with rest, pain medication, injections, or surgery. Hopefully most instances can be alleviated with a chiropractic adjustment. New research has shown that collagen supplements are very beneficial to treat and prevent back or joint pain.

What actually causes back pain?
Lower back pain is a chronic condition in at least five percent of the USA. What is even more alarming, is the frequency of doctor visits for low back pain symptoms. Low back pain is the second most common ailment that sends people to their doctor. The main reason for pain in the low back is typically a degenerated disc. The disc is between the vertebrae and acts as a cushion or shock absorber to the various stresses or movements we place on our spine.

Over time, these discs become worn and may even tear or rupture. This is often referred to as a disc herniation. By the age of fifty, almost 95 percent of adults have some level of disc degeneration. When the degeneration or herniation is significant, this allows the vertebrae or disc material to press on the nerve exiting the spine. When this occurs, a person may experience lower back or leg pain, also known as sciatica.

Why collagen for disc degeneration?
Collagen is found in the body in it’s natural form. It is made up of branches of amino acids. These amino acids form a foundation for connective tissue. Connective tissue is found in various structures such as ligaments, bones, and tendons. Collagen is also the main ingredient found in nails, skin, and hair. Not only is collagen good for hair, skin, and nails, but also for degenerative spinal conditions such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Collagen, along with hyaluronic acid, provides elasticity and strength to the vertebral discs. Theses ingredients also assist in retaining water in the discs. The level of collagen in our discs decrease with age and we lose it’s cushioning effect.

So, can I just start taking any type of collagen?
Absolutely not! If you do not take the correct kind of collagen, you are throwing your money away and you will see no positive benefits. The molecule diameter of normal collagen is too large to be absorbed by your digestive tract. A specially designed collagen supplement such as Type 2 collagen, will be absorbed by the body. When taking a good collagen supplement, plenty of pure water is a necessity.

In conclusion, a properly hydrated body, supplemented by a proven form of collagen, may be your best option to avoid or alleviate lower back pain.

To Your Health,

Greg Gruba DC

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